Ros Byrne started work as a potter in a small studio in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1984. With increasing demand for the product the business grew from a tiny studio pottery to a large workshop. In 1998 the company moved to more spacious premises in Ruwa, an industrial growth point, situated 20 km East of Harare. Currently their are 80 people employed.


Technical Information

This range of pottery is fired to earthenware tempretures using lead-free and calcium-free glazes and complies with BS 6748-1986. The product is durable, subject to the careful handling of ceramic products. It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Ros Byrne is committed to Fair Trade principles by creating decent working conditions, not employing children, and committing to cleaner production, thereby protecting our enviroment.


Kudinda Pottery specialises in decorative hand made ceramics. A mixture of hand thrown and cast ware forms are used.

The distinctive focus is on the decorative finish which is sponged, stencilled and hand painted in a variety of ranges.
Everything is made by hand.

This workshop is an extension of the studio pottery and is therefore not a high production pottery. Each product is handled by approximately 15 different skilled people to reach the final stage of completion.

Of particular interest is the latest range of highly decorative "Ruwa" pieces, reminiscent of the "Weya" style of painting. Each painting is individual, depicts traditional and wildlife Zimbabwean scenes, and is unique.

Ros Byrne Pottery produces a range of ceramic tableware, decorative vases and plates, tiles, and Christmas and table decorations.